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In Real Estate Since 1986

     I have seen first-hand the growth patterns in neighbourhoods in the city. The city has grown and expanded out over the last few years. But with wonderful roadways, and Light Rail Transit, Edmonton is a very easy city to get around. My years of knowledge in the real estate market enables me to truly assist people looking for a neighbourhood comfortable to them.

     Feel free to visit our beautiful city and province by clicking on our "Other Links", and make sure to peruse the properites under "Edmonton Listings". If you need any assistance in locating your dream property, please e-mail or call me. - Carl

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C.M. Benito,B.A.,B.Comm.
312 Saddleback Road
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6J 4R7
Bus: (780) 434-4700
Res: (780) 450-2692
Cell: (780) 908-1500
Fax: (780) 436-9902
Toll Free: 1-877-292-9292

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