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Sincere... Honest... Hardworking...

When a realtor is Sincere,
he means what he says.
He cares about his clients
and their needs.

When a realtor is Honest,
he says what he means.
You can trust him to respect
your needs and wants.

When a realtor is Hardworking,
he does what he says.
He works full time for you.

When you find all these qualities
in one realtor, you have an
unbeatable combination.
That realtor is Carl Benito.
Call him today.

Picture of Carl
C.M. Benito,B.A.,B.Comm.
312 Saddleback Road
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6J 4R7
Bus: (780) 434-4700
Res: (780) 450-2692
Cell: (780) 908-1500
Fax: (780) 436-9902

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