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Miguel Angel Pla stands as one of Argentina's few remaining teachers of true Salon Style tango. Well respected among the "Milongueros" (Tango Dance Veterans) of Buenos Aires, he is dedicated to maintaining the clean lines and impeccable posture of traditional Salon style Tango. Instruction of this quality is a firm basis to any Tango style. Few Tango teachers can offer such a pure approach to Tango dance yet his repertoire and vocabulary is vast. His natural musicality is present in every demonstration of every step. It has inspired a genuine love in his students of music from all of Tango's eras. His Milonga class is not to be missed and his performance of Canyengue is smashing.

Miguel Angel Pla performed with the Orquestra del Tango de Buenos Aires from 1994 to 1996. He has won several notable awards throughout the years and recently danced in Alan Parker's movie, Evita. Currently he teaches at the National Academy of Tango in Buenos Aires, giving classes along side Elvira de Virulaso, a featured performer of Broadway's Tango Argentino. --- Susana Domingues

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Miguel Angel Pla and Raquel Coltrinari during their visit to Canada last March, 1998 where they conducted Tango Workshops in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria.
Photo courtesy of Vicente Munoz.