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Rosita Nimis

Four years ago, Rosita was introduced to Argentine Tango and immediately saw how tango could so easily be blended into social dance. After attending workshops with Miguel Angel Pla of Buenos Aires, Carol Horowitz of Montreal, and studying Osvaldo Zotto's style and techniques, Rosita began teaching this romantic and fascinating dance.

She stresses the importance of the roles of the man and woman... the frame.. stance.. lead.. follow.. embrace.. proper footwork.. stylings and adornments.. and the conciousness of what is happening between the two. The man places the woman carefully and gracefully. This sophisticated and delicate sensitivity of the man's role and the woman's ability to read his gestures equally and to follow him naturally are the important components in blending together and dancing as one. The final product - the feeling of sophisticated - seductive passion, elegance and authenticity.

Rosita has been a professional Ballroom Dance Instructor and Trainer for many years. She and her partner owned several ballroom dance studios in Western Canada over a period of 25 years with the Edmonton studio as home base. Five of those years were spent in Seattle, Washington, overseeing all the branch studios within the state. She and her partner introduced the "West Coast Swing" to Western Canada and has done extensive work and training in Old Time, Country Western, and Latin dances such as Cumbia, Salsa and Merengue.

She has reached the highest standards of Ballroom Dance both in American and International styles and has trained / tested both students and staff, planned and participated in workshops (basic and advanced), coached competitors and was a Regional Judge and Director in the West for over 10 years.


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