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Cindy and Vince Davis

Their love of Tango began with their first trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1995, where they studied with several instructors, including Juan Carlos Copes. They visited Buenos Aires twice more, in 1996 and 1997, where they took additional training from many more of Argentina's greats, including Eduardo Arquimbau, Mora Godoy, Julio Balmaceda, Corina dela Rosa, Miguel Angel Pla, Elvira Virulazo, Pedor Montoleone, Pupy and Claudio Castello, Celia Blanco, Zoraida Fontclara and Gustavo and Olga, and from Montrealers Carol and Bobby (Tango Salon), Paul and Jacques (Tangueria), Geraldo and Lise Ann (Tango Libre), and Elizabeth Guillaume.

Vince and Cindy met as Ballroom dancers at the University of Alberta Dance Club in 1992, and became instructors for the club (about 1000 members) in 1994. They have since taught standard American social ballroom dances to hundreds of students in group and private classes, both at the U of A and at cultural and community societies. In addition, they have given ballroom performances to thousands of people in gala balls, community banquets, charity events and commentary on local television.

In June of 1996, Vince and Cindy began Tango Norte, a studio dedicated to popularizing Argentine Tango in Western Canada. They have taught Argentine Tango to hundreds of students, given successful workshops in both Edmonton and Calgary and have performed routines for large dance galas and local television. They have given initial instruction to many Argentine Tango instructors in Edmonton and still pass knowledge to them.

In April 1998, Tango Norte worked with La Boheme Restaurant to organize the tour of Argentinians Miguel Angel Pla and Raquel Coltrinari to Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. Following this success, Tango Norte Sponsored the June Workshop in Edmonton by Carol Horowitz of Montreal. All these Canadian Cities have Tango communities which are forming the Canadian tango network.

Vince and Cindy pursued the Argentine Tango because they love it. They believe it is a unique cultural gift from Argentina to the world, where all people can move beautifully in close physical and emotional embrace, sharing each other's dance space with their hearts and feet, yet each doing their own unique steps. They have seen in Argentina and in many cities of the world how Tango helps people come together, embrace and build trust.


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